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his is likely because although one might desire a muscular physique, it might be embarrassing to unveil a physique that could potentially be covered in unsightly acne. Anabolic steroids (but more specifically their highly androgenic metabolites, such as Dihydrotestosterone) affect androgen receptors located underneath the skin and the scalp, and through this they signal the sebaceous glands to begin or increase the secretion of sebum, which are the naturally occurring skin oils. The effects of steroids here in this particular area are also known for increasing the size of these glands[17]. Excessive sebaceous gland stimulation can result in follicles and pores buy anabolic steroids becoming overloaded with sebum, dead skin, and dirt which results in acne. This is not regarded as a life-threatening side effect and ranges in severity between individuals so much so that some may not experience acne at all, others may experience minor acne, and some will experience severe breakouts. The rate at which this affects individuals varies, and there is no general description as to how much or how little of an acne breakout an individual might experience on an anabolic steroid cycle. Although there are several medications and/or treatments (including topical treatments) for the prevention or inhibition of this effect, the buildup of sebum and/or the resultant acne is usually cleared with the discontinuation of anabolic steroids not very long following the termination of an anabolic steroid cycle.

This is, without a doubt, the second most concerning effect that certain anabolic steroids can have upon a person. Every individual will hear about the effect of gynecomastia (AKA ‘gyno’ or ‘bitch tits’) in one way or another, whether it be hearsay among friends, or through the media.

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