Tramadol to Treat Depression

Tramadol, also known as Ultram, was released in the 1970s as a pain killer for those with moderate to moderatly severe pain or chronic pain. It is also used for patients with Restless Leg Syndrome. More research is being done on this drug and some researchers are hypothesizing that Tramadol can be used for depression. The reason they are studying the effects of Tramadol on depression is due to the serotonin that is in Tramadol.
Tramado is a synthetic opiod and up until the last couple of years it was marketed as a non-addictive medications. Recently it has been noted to be very addictive and the new Physician Desk References reflect this now. Depression often hurts so having a medication like Tramadol that not only treats pain but also treats depression would be wonderful; but so far there is not enough scientific evidence to prove its good effects on treating depression.

Studies have been conducted in mice using Tramadol but many doctors will nto rely on the finding from this type of research alone in order to prescribe their patients with Tramadol for depression. Since Tramadol does cause the release of Serotonin some doctors will prescribe it for depression, anxiety, and certain types of phobias if all other anti-depression medications have failed. Since Tramadol contains components that cause the release of serotonin it is not safe to mix SSRI or SNRI medications with it.

Tramadol come in extended release formulas as well and someday buy tramadol could be used to treat depression but right now the use of Ultram for depression would be written as an off-label prescription by a doctor who has researched the benefits of its use.

Some conditions that Tramadol is used for right now include conditions that cause pain such as fibromyalgia or after having dental work done. Many patients who have chronic pain or have an addiction ot narcotic pain relievers are given Tramadol because it handles better when being used long term and, although addictive, it does not give a “high” feeling when being taken like some other narcotics on the market today. It is hard to abuse Tramadol for recreational uses.

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